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Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

Organizational network analysis is used to understand how employees work together. It illuminates the informal networks through which employees solve problems and make decisions in every company. If an organizational chart is the theory of how work occurs, the informal network is the real world practice.

What is SYNAPP?

SYNAPP is a web-based diagnostic tool that provides customized, actionable insights based on an analysis of an organization’s informal network. SYNAPP collects data using a brief, 10-minute survey and then generates actionable insights at Individual and Organizational level.

Designed for leadership

SYNAPP analyzes the organization’s overall informal network and assess its ability to come up with new products or services; determines the level of collaboration between departments; measures employee engagement, and determines employees who are at risk for leaving.

Individualized Reports

SYNAPP provides individualized, career development insights to participants. It pinpoints and illustrates the employee’s unique position in the overall informal network, determines their networking style, and assesses their collaboration, information access, and influencing capabilities.

Improve Collaboration

Understand how well teams and your organization are innovating as well as what can be done to foster more innovation.

Drive Org. Transformation

Identify change agents, and understand how to make impactful change without disrupting your organization.

Identify Employees at Risk

Uncover hidden engagement and morale issues before they result in unwanted turn-over.

Career Advancement

Who you know matters as much as what you know. SYNAPP shows you who you need to know to maximize your effectiveness.

Idea Generation

When we only rely on information from our immediate team we are susceptible to ‘group think.’ Having access to diverse perspectives improves our creativity and decision making.

Improve Influence

No one has infinite time to connect, so invest your time wisely by connecting with the people who will improve your overall network the most.

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